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                                           Students and families find our expert coaching and planning tools invaluable throughout the entire college planning process.                                      We  assist them in making the right, informed choices for admissions while saving them time, money, and stress.

You have Your March SAT Scores - What Now?

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They’re here!

The much-anticipated March SAT scores were released earlier this week.  So, what can you make of them?  Is your 1200 on the new test better than a 1200 (Critical Reading + Math) on the old, and if so, how much better? True to its promise, the College Board also recently released concordance tables to compare scores on the old SAT with those on the new SAT. These tables, the missing key to deciphering redesigned SAT scores, are much more helpful than the preliminary PSAT tables, as they Read more

At Successful Education Solutions, our goal is to help students and parents navigate the complex college planning process. 

SES strives to help students choose the school that best fits their academics and personality while enabling their families to maintain their financial quality of life. After making the mistake of choosing a college and major that were not ideal, Jeff set out to assemble a team to provide students with the information and resources necessary to make the optimal college choice.

College is the second highest expenditure for many families, next to the purchase of their home. Have you ever purchased real estate without seeking the advice of a professional? Of course you didn't. There is crucial information you need to know about the cost of college before you start planning.

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My wife and I used Jeff to help us choose a suitable colllege for our daughter. Jeff was excellent in breaking down the financial offers and college comparisons which helped narrow our daughters decision process. She is very happy with the college she picked. His company also helps with the FAFSA form. We were very pleased with his work, highly recommended!

Steve Steve
VP at H. Stanley Johnson and Co., Land Surveyors, P.C.