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You have Your March SAT Scores – What Now?

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They’re here! The much-anticipated March SAT scores were released earlier this week.  So, what can you make of them?  Is your 1200 on the new test better than a 1200 (Critical Reading + Math) on the old, and if so, how much better? True to its promise, the College Board also recently released concordance tables…

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What Nonresidents Need to Know About Attending State Universities

Credit: Lynne O’Shaughnessy, The College Solution. (Original Article)   If  you have to pay nonresident tuition, are public universities worth the price? I think this is a good time to examine this issue since the Princeton Review just released its 2014 best value list of public colleges and universities. The Princeton Review included many state schools…

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College Counseling Could Be Better: Just Ask Your School Counselor

Credit: Patrick J O’Conner, The Chronicle of Higher Education The recent wave of college admissions decisions shows more high school seniors applying to more colleges than ever before. This puts top-tier colleges in the position of rejecting more applicants than ever before, inevitably leaving disappointed students and parents to ask “What else could I have…

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How To Clean Up Your Social Media for College Applications

Credit: Megan Shuffleton of | Original article: As members of the infamous Millennial Generation, a lot of us are users of social media websites. And it’s not just Facebook anymore – Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, Instagram and Foursquare are all big names in the social networking world now. While this means it’s easier for us to…

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Now Available: 2014 Payscale College ROI Report

A huge part of the college decision process depends on the return investment students will gain after graduating. How exactly would you measure the value of a college education? We recommend using Payscale, a handy, free to access database that gathers data from hundreds of colleges and universities based on their total cost and alumni earnings.  For…

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