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The Public Colleges That Pay Off The Most

Credit: Huffington Post (View original article) Newsflash: college is expensive, even at public universities. But there are some state schools that pay off more than others. A new ranking released Wednesday from PayScale shows which colleges and universities — public, private, religious and secular — that have the best return on investment. The Huffington Post…

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How to Tell Your Kid You Can’t Afford Her Dream College

Credit: Kim Clark, Time Magazine Money. Original article:  You meant it when you said, “Study hard in high school, and we’ll send you to the best college you get into.” But now you’re looking at the cost of Dream U — and panicking.   Sticker prices at the top private colleges exceed $60,000. Even with…

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College Counseling Could Be Better: Just Ask Your School Counselor

Credit: Patrick J O’Conner, The Chronicle of Higher Education The recent wave of college admissions decisions shows more high school seniors applying to more colleges than ever before. This puts top-tier colleges in the position of rejecting more applicants than ever before, inevitably leaving disappointed students and parents to ask “What else could I have…

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SAT/ACT Comparator

The majority of students will score higher on one exam, which one will it be? The SAT/ACT Diagnostic Comparator Identifies whether you’re stronger on the SAT or the ACT Measures ability on reading, math, grammar, and science Gives you first-hand experience on both exams Is the first step to successful prep The SAT/ACT Analytics Report…

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Choosing the Right College

Successful Education Solutions is a college planner that offers guidance in selecting the right college, preparing for SAT or ACT and availing financial aids.

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