SAT/ACT Comparator

The majority of students will score higher on one exam, which one will it be?

The SAT/ACT Diagnostic Comparator

  • Identifies whether you’re stronger on the SAT or the ACT
  • Measures ability on reading, math, grammar, and science
  • Gives you first-hand experience on both exams
  • Is the first step to successful prep

The SAT/ACT Analytics Report

  • Provides side-by-side comparison of SAT and ACT performance
  • Pinpoints the topics and concepts that need attention
  • Helps to create a road map for excelling on the actual exams

Save Time & Money: Our Diagnostic Comparator reduces costly prep time because it pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses on your stronger test.  Why bother with your weaker test?  Bring your “A” game and minimize your test prep hours for over-scheduled students.

Earn Meritorious Money: There is $11 billion in merit-based scholarships based on high SAT and ACT scores.

Strengthen Your Application: Our Diagnostic Comparator can increase your chances of gaining admission to your schools of choice.

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