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You have Your March SAT Scores – What Now?

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They’re here! The much-anticipated March SAT scores were released earlier this week.  So, what can you make of them?  Is your 1200 on the new test better than a 1200 (Critical Reading + Math) on the old, and if so, how much better? True to its promise, the College Board also recently released concordance tables…

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Find the Colleges Most Likely to Give You a Scholarship

Saving money in college

Article by Kim Clark of Time Money (view original) High school seniors can dramatically increase their odds of getting big scholarships if they take just one extra step this fall: apply to a few “financial aid safety schools,” college admissions experts say. Students have long known that they should apply to a few “safety schools”…

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Worried About Finding a Job After Graduation? At These Schools, You Don’t Need to Be

Article posted on Cappex College Insider – view original There are a lot of reasons people to go to college these days. To have new experiences. To learn to think critically. To study subjects they’re passionate about. But we sometimes overlook a huge reason we choose a higher education over another path – more career opportunities.…

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More College Bang for Your Buck

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The Best Value College In Each State YOUniversityTV Devised An Algorithm Which Computed The Most Relevant Data To Determine The Best Value College. As recently as a decade ago, there wasn’t really a question as to whether attending college was a sound investment or not. College graduates were twice as likely to be employed than…

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No Loans: How to Graduate From College Debt Free

College Graduate Looking At College Building

Originally posted on Deseret News National. view source Rachel Cruze, the daughter of financial guru Dave Ramsey, really wanted to go to Auburn University, which to outsiders wouldn’t seem like much of a problem. Ramsey’s financial success meant the family could pay for any college she wanted. “But we live out what we preach,” says…

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