Worried About Finding a Job After Graduation? At These Schools, You Don’t Need to Be

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There are a lot of reasons people to go to college these days. To have new experiences. To learn to think critically. To study subjects they’re passionate about. But we sometimes overlook a huge reason we choose a higher education over another path – more career opportunities.

These days, getting a job without some sort of education is increasingly difficult. But since the economic downturn started in 2007, it’s even been tricky for high-achieving college grads to find a career in their field. That’s why we’ve decided to round up a few colleges and universities that place a huge emphasis on preparing their students for careers in the real world and helping them find jobs. Check them out and add a few to your college list!

Stevenson University

Location: Stevenson, MD
Size: 3,900 students

image credit: stevenson.edu

  • “Imagine Your Future. Design Your Career.” It’s Stevenson University’s tagline, showing just how much the school cares about giving everyone on campus the career prep and counseling they need.
  • Stevenson was awarded the Maryland Career Development Association’s Organizational Career Planning Award in 2013.
  • A Stevenson survey showed 91 percent of grads were employed or continuing their education within six months of completing their degree program.
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Gannon University

Location: Erie, PA
Size: 4,200
image credit: gannon.edu

  • Almost 87 percent of grads reported they were in a continuing education program or employed in their field of study, according to Gannon’s undergraduate 2013-2014 Placement Report.
  • The same report showed the unemployment rate for Gannon grads was only 2 percent – far lower than the national average!
  • Why do Gannon grads have such a low unemployment rate? The university offers students access to mock interviews, recruitment fairs, resume and cover letter assistance, and career planning workshops.
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St. Edward’s University

Location: Austin, TX
Size: 5,400 students

st edwards
image credit: stedwards.fr

  • Eighty percent of St. Edward’s students gain workplace experience before graduation, giving them a competitive advantage when searching for jobs.
  • Development counselors help students create a four-year career action plan, helping them prepare for the future and recognize the steps they need to take to make their goals a reality.
  • Students get a chance to conduct intensive research, work on creative projects, and participate in fellowships to give them the skills they need to succeed in the workplace.
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Mercer University

Location: Macon, GA
Size: 8,200 students

image credit: mercer.edu

  • Mercer University was named one of America’s Top Colleges nine times in a row and the school’s programs are regularly recognized on lists released by the Princeton Review and U.S. News.
  • Mercer has career services staffers who are there to help students search for jobs, network, and help you update your resume and cover letter before sending off applications.
  • The Career Services office is staffed with mentors who can help you prep for interviews and ask you mock interview questions to make you feel more comfortable when there’s a job on the line.
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Elmhust College

Location: Elmhurst, IL
Size: 3,400 students


  • From the very beginning, Elmhurst students participate in internships, job shadowing, and mentoring and also receive personalized attention to determine which major and career paths are right for them.
  • Freshmen have the chance to take part in the First Leap program, which combines academic work with visits to businesses and nonprofits, building a student’s knowledge of work environments and giving them the chance to build their networks.
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