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Juniors: How to Make the Most of Your Summer

The end of the school year is just around the corner – seniors have made their final college choice, APs exams are impending, and for you high school juniors, it’s time to start thinking about how to get the most out of your summer. First, let me say, congratulations on having almost completed what is…

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ACT Beats SAT in Popularity

ACT, the standardized test taken by those looking to enter college, has surpassed the SAT in its amount of test takers according to report. The ACT beat out the SAT by 2,000 test-takers out of 1.65 million. Although the ACT beat SAT numbers by a narrow margin, it comes as no surprise considering that nine…

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College Planning Guide: Cal Grant for Undergraduate California Students

Successful Education Solutions’ college planning services makes one of the most difficult decisions that a family has to make much easier. College is often a tough time for many families having to find the funds to pay for a quality college education for their child. Choosing the right college that best suit the student, performing…

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College Planners help you in choosing the right college

After completing high school all students dream of enrolling in a good college. Students aim to get in to colleges with a good reputation. College Planners help students in choosing the right college for them. College Planners can make it easier for families and students to . College planning guides provides financial assistance and helps…

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Getting Ready for College

Successful Education Solutions is a college planning service that guides students and parents in making the right decisions regarding college.  

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